Ladies Behind the Camera

Brittney & Briel are sisters who took their passion for photography, cooking, adventure, and the love of their community and shaped it into a fun and exciting social media marketing adventure.

Brittney has always enjoyed photography, food, and all things Marketing! Graduating from Michigan State University with a Bachelors's Degree in Advertising Management and Digital Media, Brittney has 6+ years of experience managing brands on a traditional, digital and social media level. GetInMyBellyTampa is a creative outlet to stay on top of trends while fine-tuning her skills. When not working or exploring Tampa, she loves taking weekend trips across the US to explore new cities!

Briel is a traveling court reporter by day and foodie extraordinaire by night! While working in Downtown Tampa and St. Pete, Briel has sought out hidden gems in between depositions and court hearings, finding the best local eats Tampa Bay has to offer. When not working, you'll more than likely find Briel shopping for fresh ingredients at her local Publix to whip up something delicious at home. Not at Publix? Then she's probably joining Brittney on a quick weekend trip to explore their favorite cities. 

Follow along with these Foodie Sisters to see where and what they're eating next!