Alfonso's Pizzeria, Tampa's Oldest and Greatest Local Pizza Spot

With over 40 years of dough tossing, sauce making success - Alfonso's Pizzeria reigns SUPREME to all other local Tampa pizza spots.

When current owner and lifelong Tampa native, Marco took over the business from his father, he had a vision for his Pizzeria that would keep the products and quality consistent while also breathing new-life into the Tampa staple. Marco's parents arrived from Italy and landed in New York City, where they opened their first Italian restaurant before migrating down to Tampa, FL over 40 years ago. As long as Marco can remember, restaurant life has been in his blood.

No one knows the ins and outs of Alfonso's quite like Marco, having spent his afternoons, nights and weekends as a kid filling sodas and bussing tables. He has seen the growth and expansion of Tampa first hand, once watching customers arrive on horse back to now pulling into parking spots with the latest models of high-end electric cars.

While the world around Alfonso's may have changed over the years, the quality, taste and family atmosphere has remained the same. Marco and his wife, Brittany, still use the cherished family recipes - with minor tweaks and improvements here and there - to keep the beloved flavor and Italian heritage alive with every meal they cook. Whether you're craving Northern Italy cuisine or delicious Sicilian style pizza, there's something for everyone on the menu.

One goal that Marco and Brittany have successfully implemented at Alfonso's, is the sense of comfortability. From the moment you walk through the doors, whether you're a first time customer like we were, or you've been on a weekly pick-up schedule, you feel like you're walking into a family dinner at your Nana's house. The aroma of fresh herbs and oven-baked dough wafting through the air confirm your suspicions that you're about to eat one of the greatest meals of your life.

In addition to Comfortability, Alfonso's Pizzeria offers superior customer service. To ensure you're eating the freshest of meals, you won't find a single heat lamp in their kitchen. Knowing exactly how long their items take to prepare and cook, Marco has the timing down to a science so your meal will be getting pulled out of the oven as you arrive. Paired with their friendly and welcoming demeanor, you know you'll always have good food and a good time at Alfonso's Pizzeria.

The GetInMyBellyTampa sisters were lucky enough to try a wide variety of their menu items and we can confirm it's all spectacular. We enjoyed a fresh, Greek Salad, hand rolled Garlic Knots, Buffalo Chicken Wings, homemade Lasagna, Spinach and Ricotta pizza, Cheese Pizza and homemade desserts that included Cannoli cream filled Brownies and Homemade Chocolate Chip and Espresso Cookies.

We hope you'll venture out to Alfonso's soon!

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