Our Favorite Local Pizza Places

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

These two Italian sisters, born and raised on pizza & pasta, are known to have a few opinons - especially on local pizza joints. Take a look at our top 3 places below and give them a try!

Top Three Local Pizza Places:

Number 3: Palace Pizza Downtown

Located in Downtown Lakeland, this quaint pizza shop offers a wide variety of options. Gourmet pizzas, flatbreads, gluten free crust, build your own and more!

Their sauce is made with the freshest ingredients and that shows through the flavor. While they're not in Tampa Bay, they are worth the drive out to Lakeland.

Number 2: Olde Town Pizzeria

Located in Brandon, FL, this local restaurant supplies our favorite deep dish pizza in the Tampa area. Thick, buttery crust, fresh crushed tomatoes, real mozzarella and only the freshest ingredients stuffed together makes for an explosion of flavor! They also has a fantastic thin crust pizza that is perfectly crispy and has a crust that can hold all the ingredients of a supreme pizza pie!

Number One: Cappy's Pizza

Cappy's takes a thinner approach to the traditional, Chicago style "Deep Dish", but what they created is perfection. Between 1 - 2 inches thick, this perfectly baked crust will hold ALL of the toppings of the classic Cappy's original. We have yet to had a slice we didn't like from Cappy's, even their traditional New York style thin crust hits the spot! Cappy's has multiple locations for you to get your fix, visit their website to find one near you!

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